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  1. The Ninja Academy Event Series Get ready for a series of events coming your way over the next few weeks! I’ll be experimenting with teams, inspired by the classic Chunin Exams experience. To participate in these events, you must be open to being randomly assigned to a team! Each team will consist of: 3 Genins 1 Chunin/Special Jonin There will also be platoons led by 1 Jonin. Jonins without a team placement may be assigned to a team or designated as helpers throughout the events. This event is open only to players from the Leaf, Sand, and Mist villages. I'll be hosting these events separately for each village. As we move forward, we'll gradually transition into some final joint events to conclude. (There will be other events for Rogues.) If you’d like to participate, please message me either in-game, on Discord (Deathmall), or via the Nin Online forum with the following information: Submission Deadline: 6/27/2024 Username: Village: Time zone: Rank: Level: Mastery/Masteries: Language(s): Other details (optional but highly recommended): Interests, combat style, and a brief introduction.
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  2. Event Overview: There will be our first joint event starring MPF corporations of each village on Saturday 3 PM EST. This event is open to all villagers and aims to foster community spirit and teamwork while providing an enjoyable challenge. Event Description: Participants will utilize the vast and intricate terrain of Mist Island for a classic game of Hide and Seek (excluding Mist Village map and all the eastern maps). Hiders will have to find the perfect hiding spots while seekers use their skills to locate and tag them. The event promises to be a thrilling experience for everyone involved. Event Rules: 1. Teams and Roles: - Participants will be divided into two groups: Hiders and Seekers. - Roles will be assigned randomly at the beginning of each round. 2. No Jutsus Allowed: - The use of any jutsus is strictly prohibited, except for the Cloak Jutsu, which hiders can use to conceal themselves. No pills/summons) charms as well. 3. Tagging Hiders: - Seekers must tag hiders to eliminate them from the game. - A tag is considered successful if a seeker performs a simple melee attack on the hider. - Typing out the tag is not required, as melee attacks ensure a faster and more dynamic game. 4. Elimination: - Once a hider is tagged by a seeker, the hider is out of the game for that round. - Eliminated hiders should move to a designated spectator area to avoid interfering with the ongoing game. 5. Game Duration: - Each round will have a time limit of 20 minutes to ensure the game progresses smoothly. - If all hiders are tagged before the time runs out, the seekers win the round. - If any hiders remain untagged when the time is up, the hiders win the round. 6. Fair Play: - All participants are expected to adhere to the rules and show good sportsmanship. - Any form of cheating or rule-breaking will result in immediate disqualification from the event. How to Participate: - Interested participants can sign up at the event registration desk located near the Mist Village Fountain. - Ensure you arrive on time to receive your role and instructions. Prizes: - Winning team members will receive 50 blanks as reward. Conclusion: This Hide and Seek event is a fantastic opportunity to engage with fellow villagers, showcase your strategic thinking, and have a lot of fun. We look forward to seeing you there and making this event a memorable experience for all! Contact: For any questions or further information, please contact your respective Kages. Regards, Lord 22nd, @Shijie.
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  3. Sveiki, Kviečiame jus prisijungti prie mūsų, geriausių kazino internete! Atraskite žaidimų įvairovę, išskirtines premijas ir nepakartojamą žaidimo patirtį. Čia jūsų laukia ne tik puikūs laimėjimai, bet ir nepriekaištingas klientų aptarnavimas. Užsiregistruokite dabar ir mėgaukitės aukščiausios klasės kazino pramogomis iš savo namų komforto. Nelaukite, prisijunkite prie geriausių ir pradėkite laimėti jau šiandien!
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