Question for Admins/GMS!!! Mentor? Spouse? Student????


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So I noticed that there is this little section on my ninja tab that says Spouse and Mentor. I think this should be replaced with Student/Mentor (why does having a spouse in this game create relevancy?)

Now, the question is; how do I select what mentor I have? If I type /m Esty nothing happens. If I type /mentor Esty nothing happens. 

The other question is; how does a mentor select what student they have? When is this feature going to be playable? 

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Hello, Gnik!

This feature is a work in progress. Right now it's currently for RolePlay purposes. The mentor part is to show who your squad leader/teacher is and your spouse is apart of a marriage system. Currently, players cannot select their own mentor or spouse. Only select staff are capable of setting it until full release. While we always appreciate and encourage enthusiasm, please be patient in asking for mentor/marriage requests until we can work to implement this feature fully into the game.  


Your GM Team

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