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Regarding the Weather Effect (Lightning)

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Personally, I like everything about the new weather effects, but there are a few concerns I have about the lightning in particular that I have also seen other players express in and out of the game.

  • The lightning flashes are too bright for how quickly they occur.
  • The lightning flashes occur indoors with the same method and luminosity as it does outdoors.
  • Strangely, I have yet to experience this but don't doubt it at all given the other problems its having, lightning flashes or the thunder seem to affect the chat box's text field in some way.

The first one is a really big concern for old, new, and future players that may have epilepsy, and there are no warnings found anywhere on or in Nin Online about epilepsy. The second issue is that these flashes can hurt people's eyes hence why so many people prefer setting a lower brightness or sticking to dark/night modes for applications and websites that offer it.

I don't want lightning flashes to be completely removed, since they are a nice touch that provide us a taste of what real weather is like, but I believe they should be made more subtle—not so aggressive and not so bright. Regarding interiors, lightning flashes shouldn't occur with the same method and luminosity as they do for the outdoors.

I made an example of how lightning flashes could be redone for interiors above ground—flashes from the doorway, windows, and visible the interior's outer walls (the last one isn't necessary; the doorways and windows could be enough).




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