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    Since 2013, Nin Online development has been open to community members to make suggestions. Before the launch of the Ideas platform, over 3000+ ideas were submitted in our ideas forum. When Nin Online was first conceived, there was only plans to make the Leaf village, but because players wanted it, we turned Nin Online into a PvP, Faction-based game.

    Your ideas are important to us, and we hope to continue to work with the community to add ideas/suggestions that people want.

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    Academy student // tutorial // early lvl tweaks

    Lets start saying that Nin's tutorial is not bad at all. But it just feels...boring and short?  especially if we compare it with other Mmos, or with the mobile version of nin (Yeah, nin has a mobile version which is kinda abandoned ).
    The pacing also feels extremely weird for some reason. You're an academy student for 5 minutes, then a genin for months ( less or more if you get lucky with the CE ), and then Jonin/Sj if your kage likes you. 
    This mobile version is not a 1-1 port of the Pc version of nin. It comes with new features ( Which are extremely good, and i'll be making posts in the future to see if we can bring these features to Pc nin ) and different maps.
    One of these "features" , is the academy // tutorial area, being completely different. And i think we can 1-1 copy stuff from this and bring it to the Pc version of the game.
    Before i start, i apologize for the image spam lmao

    From the get-go, you can see you're not alone, there're Npcs that will be your academy classmates. 
    These classmates aren't just there for the looks. They all have dialogues, and interact with both the teacher and you ( the player ) throughout all your time at the academy.

    Sometimes, we also get to pick some dialogues ( Which dont add anything, but they're pretty cool to have since they make you feel part of the story )

    Your classmates aren't the only Npcs which kinda feel alive. Teachers also walk to us after some dialogues, announcing us the next lesson is about to start. 

    These classmates can be used for future content as well. Finding some of them in the village giving you missions, finding some in future arcs, maybe making a classmate turn evil and be part of an organization ( with a classmate of each village ) ,etc.

    A problem i think Pc nin has with the current academy//tutorial, is that i think the lessons are way too short and dont teach much. The combat lessons in all 3 villages are pretty much the same, you either fight a clone of the teacher, or some animals, you die at first, and then you proceed to kill it. 
    But i got pretty amazed when i got to the combat lesson of the mobile-version because you get to fight a classmate ( They'll chase you and actually fight back ) . It just makes the whole lesson feel more inmersive and not in a 2 minute class punching some soul-less Mob. It just makes you feel you're in an actual academy ( it also does a better job at explaining how combat works, fighting an actual human model, and making it not die with a single punch or 2 ) 

    To teach the player what BI are, we can just make the player fight the teacher first, insta die, ( Then you spawn in the infirmary,etc,etc), and then you get to fight your classmate.
    This also applies to range, jutsu practice and pretty much every lesson.

    There's no proper " Theory lesson" in the mobile version. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need some tweaks as well.
    The current Theory Lesson is just a black screen with text. Doesn't make a great job at explaining most stuff ( It's also missing a bunch of information ).
    Making a player that just downloaded the game read walls of text isn't that appealing imo. We can change this by replacing some of this text with videos!
    When teaching the masteries, showing some videos with battle simulations or some jutsus, would hype the player while teaching them on a more visual way.

    Somewhere in the middle of the tutorial, you get sent home, and the 2nd part of the academy gets level locked. This is great imo, its a good and short grind ( literally 5-10 minutes ), teaches more about how combat works, while making the whole "academy arc" last longer.

    If we make this right after we finish the "Jutsu lesson" it'd be a nice way to implement my past idea ( marked as planned ). Rewarding students with the Fuuma shuriken jutsu right after the jutsu lesson, and then making them grind the levels needed to continue.
    Just a personal note, but this could be done twice until lvl 10 ( lvl 1 - 2 academy lessons > lvl 5 -  2 academy lessons > lvl 10 - 2 academy lessons ) 

    Imo we should make the " Welcome to X village " current missions, a part of the academy, prior to the final exam ( And also PLEASE make the player WALK instead of insta teleporting them to the mission desk, this only makes the player feel extremely lost since they dont know the map )

    Finally, in the mobile version, after a timeskip, you graduate with all your classmates. 

    And here i do think that the Pc version of nin does a better job , ONLY with SAND's version of the academy.
    We have more than a simple written exam ( which everyone just skips ) , we have to kill scorpions and collect 10 tails in order to unlock the gate and take the exam. 
    Yeah , this might be extremely simple, but its a great start and way to make the FINAL exam, feel like it.

    While i do think this is extremely good, it could be pushed a little bit more. Maybe adding some puzzles, or stages to it. Maybe fighting another classmate like the combat lesson, but with jutsus and more hp included? We can just brainstorm here, but making the final exam feel a bit more challenging than just a " skip " button would be great. ( And adding this to every village, since its just a sand thing atm )

    Yeah, this all sounds like A LOT of work, but most villages academy already have some kind of unused map inside them. We can just use those maps, and make some village NPCS our classmates. ( Sand doesnt have any unused maps, but making some simple map will do )

    These academy tweaks would help a bit with that. Making the "Academy student" rank last more ( Maybe until lvl 15? ),  and making the early lvl experience not feel like a grinding simulator until you get your first mastery.

    As always, excuse my poopoo english and leave sum ideas//opinions if possible /y

    https://youtu.be/U3D2Xq3uYzA Rory recently reposted a review a youtuber made of the game, and i think we can clearly see when and how the tutorial fails on guiding the player

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    Shinobi War - some PVP activity!

    I've got an idea... I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but it's aimed at boosting DZ activity, I think. What is the Shinobi War? It's a battle where all Villages (including rogues) fight for total domination of the world.

    Let's say it happens on the last Sunday of any month, from 4 PM EST to 6 PM EST (or it could even be for the entire day, lol). The timer starts, and all SZ and WZ areas are transformed into DZ. Yes, everything becomes DZ – there are no more safe zones or war zones, even inside the village. For two hours(or whole day), villages score points for kills and destroying raid points (which respawn every 25 minutes). Each destroyed raid point awards 1 point of "activity," and every kill also gives points. The number of points depends on the ninja's rank, but it could also be set at 1 point for any kill. I understand that preventing alt farming can be challenging, but it's necessary. If we can't block it by IP (where the same IP results in no point count for a kill or something similar), we'll have to address it differently.

    After the Shinobi War is over and depends on the score, a box appears in the Kage's secret room. It contains rewards like Ryo, pills, and maybe some items like war armor, including the ones from the cash shop, but tradable. The Kage can decide who should get the drop and how to share it. Additionally, there should be stats showing how many kills and raid points were destroyed by each person. Let's say the top 10 with their names and respective kill and raid point counts.

    At the beginning of Shinobi War time, everyone is teleported to the hospital. To make it more "risky," once you leave your "safe place" like the hospital, you can't return until you die. If you die, you respawn only at the hospital. However, you should be able to choose to go back to the hospital, org base, or housing district. Any place that you can enter only by starting in an org or something should be locked until the Shinobi War ends. I think this can provide us with more engaging and fresh content. Of course, people who don't want to participate in the Shinobi War can just AFK for 2 hours in the hospital or simply not log in. I know it's a somewhat brutal solution, and introducing it might be challenging, but I think it's possible anyway, sooner or later. Of course, this will depend on whether this type of content interests anyone. As for rogue box distribution, the leader of the Yakuza org or Akatsuki, as the strongest one (RIP regular rogues), should take care of it. To be honest, I have no idea how to distribute the drops among rogues since I've never played. It's hard to say.

    Alternatively, to make it fair and avoid "friend" sharing of items, people can earn tokens based on their activity. There could be a shop where players can trade tokens for RYO, pills, tools, or some "special" clothing/armors. The box can still appear in the Kage's hidden room, but only with some Ryo, not that much, like a maximum of 10-20k. Even if the Kage doesn't share them, most Kage use their Ryo to organize events, at least the fair Kages 😛

    It's a pure concept, and it's well-known that everything needs to be carefully thought through and balanced so that everyone can benefit from it. This includes player activity to ensure they are rewarded, as well as the activity of each Kage. I believe that this kind of activity will greatly increase the interest of 'enthusiasts' in PVP.

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    Gentle Fist rebalance

    I think the Gentle Fist mastery needs to get some changes cause currently it is in a pretty bad state. The mastery is pretty much only played alongside Weapon Mastery where people just abuse the broken Flicker combo of Gentle Fist alongside Weapon Mastery homings and melees.
    Changes I think need to be done:
    Mountain Crusher - 1 second run cast, warp removed
    Right now the only way to avoid damage from Gentle Fist Flicker combo is to use 2 substitutions and hope the enemy flickers you while you have them up. If you have only one substitution up you will always eat the Mountain Crusher which silences you and knocks you back very far and if your enemy knows how to tell when you subbed they will wait it out and blast you for full flicker damage. Giving the jutsu a 1 second run cast makes it so that you can actually Sub the GF flicker combo. 
    Palm Bottom - cancels cast (maybe slight CD reduction) 
    Since Mountain Crusher would get a cast time and it's the only instant cancel the mastery has, the cancel gets put onto Palm Bottom.
    Pressure Point Needle - base damage removed, scaling increased substantially (possibly make the jutsu instant cast with 1 second selfstun) 
    With the changes I suggested, Gentle Fist Flicker combo would become much easier to deal with and wouldn't be so broken and cheese. For this reason I think the melee damage should increase. 
    Gentle Fist is a Taijutsu sub path so you would expect it to actually go into the enemy and punch them with melees more but right now people just Flicker combo and then run away swapping to a sword to melee you if u try to come close. I think there should be a bigger focus on the Pressure Point Needle melee buff than on broken Flicker combo... 

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    Ability to Lock Hotbar

    During large-scale fights, I notice that my hotbar will occasionally be missing a few items or jutsus I put on it because I'm trying to target many people on or near it that the designated "Target" key wouldn't be able to reach.
    It would help so much to be able to lock our hotbars to prevent that from happening—either to prevent item/jutsus movement all together or to only allow movement of placed items/justus when SHIFT is held down.


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    Lower Earth Prison's Training Rate

    Earth Prison takes a ridiculous amount of time to get to level up that just sitting at a raid point literally all day & night will maybe get you a level. Leveling it up naturally is near impossible as it's so slow & punishable in combat as lv 1-3 that most of the time it won't land, or you will have to cancel it to not get hit.
    Could we please change the level rate for this jutsu? It did get nerfed after all in range.
    Note for others:
    Yes, I am complaining because I am an Earth user. No, this isn't my first time maxing it nor recommending it changed.  
    Note for Staff:
    Love y'all 

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    It is my Ninja Way to kill Yozo - Multiple choices to do Missions

    So after spending a lot of time to complete a very specific quest (I stopped counting after 10 days) I developed a deep urge to kill a very specific NPC in NinOnline: Yozo.
    Meanwhile, I finished the quest ,,Yozo the Bozo", but only to get rid of its entry in my mission log. It was a pain to do it, but this did also lead me into thinking of how it could be improved: By giving the player multiple options, to not only give alternative ways to beat a mission, but to also allow for a better roleplaying feeling, which is advertised in this game.
    Now to say it with nice words: I did not like the mission ,,Yozo the Bozo". But before getting to my suggestion, here is what that mission entails:
    This mission can be accepted around level 20 in Tanzaku by talking to Yozo Upon accepting this mission, you are given 200 ryo There is no other way aside from gambling to complete this mission In order to complete the mission, you have to earn 500 ryo via gambling. If you lose ryo via gambling, you also lose progress  This does mean that it is possible to have 495 ryo win and then go back all the way down to 0 ryo again. And yes, this happens often. You can only earn ryo for this mission by gambling at dices or by rolling slot machines. Both systems are horribly and leave you with a higher chance to lose ryo than to gain ryo. By spamming the dice system, you can burn away literally thousands of ryos in minutes The slot machine is more forgiving in your losses, but leaves you stuck animations for extremely long times and you are slapped with botting checks each few minutes that will force you to actually pay attention to this monotonous task. You are unable to abandon this mission. It will forever be in your mission log unless you complete it.  
    So here are my suggestions regarding this, which could even be applied all at once, allowing the player to actually make a choice in how he wants to complete this mision:
    (naivly submissive) The current way to do the mission: you decide to take Yozo's 200 ryo and try to accumulate 500 ryo. (beneficial) Instead of gambling, you give Yozo 300 ryo right on his hand. (lecturing) Gambling is bad. Yozo only ended up in this situation because of his habbit. Show him how it is done by collecting a certain amount of drops from a certain monster. Yozo shall sell those himself. Watching you will teach him how to fix it himself in the future. (bloodthirsty) That darn Yozo is trying to drag countless innocent Ninjas into gambling addiction! Kill him and put an end to his deeds! Itachy would be proud. (You might go missing by choosing that option. Debatable.) (scamming) When accepting the quest, allow the player to instantly opt out of the quest by simply taking Yozo's money and never care about him again (what a fool). The quest will be considered as ,,finished" picking this option. (Option to drop this mission afterwards) Since this mission gives you 200 ryo, it would be a problem if you can just abandon and re-accept it for obvious reasons. So either have the player ,,return" the 200 ryo when the player wants to abandon this mission from his mission log... ...or have Yozo simply not give the 200 ryo again, if the player accepts the quest again after abandonning it once. Let us be real: most players have no money after some minutes hardcore-dicing to even afford paying back the initial 200 ryo, not even talking about having 500 for finishing the quest.  
    For additional understanding, let me explain more losely why I hate that mission with this feedback:
    Because it is trash. It does not give the player the option to abandon it. It can easily drain thousands of ryos in minutes. The win rate is far lower than the loss rate. Losing ryo will also make you lose quest progress. The slot machines just suck for a number of reasons If more than 1 player is opering the slots, then the map animates results for each single player rolling at the same time, creating a mess. A botting check is slapped into your face each few minutes. Failing this will kill you and sends you back to your hospital. Running back sucks, especially if you are from Mist. But also running back from Sand is not exactly fun. At least Missings and Leafies have a rather short returning way, but this still does not make the process any more fun. You can not chat while the slots are spinning You can not charge chakra while the slots are spinning You can not use skills while the slots are spinning It forces actual gambling onto players. You can not kill Yozo. Believe me, I tried. Multiple times. The quest reward stands in absolutely no relation to the time it takes to complete it. (For me it was more than 10 days. I stopped counting at 10, so it could aswell have taken me over 2 weeks. I was over level 30 when I finished this mission and I did not even notice the exp bar moving.)  
    Ultimately this was not the first time that people talked about this specific mission. Here is what I found:
    (It is kinda ironic that in the end posting bots are flooding those topics and advertise real money gambling and other shady links @Ueda)

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    Kill Mission Danger Zone NPC/Mob

    General Idea:
    Add a mob that spawns at different points randomly in Danger Zones, and upon kill of this mob have it count towards a players kill mission objective. 

    Theres many variations of ways this can be done, and always up for discussion or interpretation-- but I'll be describing my take on it. 

    Rogue NPC's will be our mob of choice. 
    Customization of these mobs are another avenue. 
    Perfect outcome, I think these mobs should appear with random names, and random appearances-- If seen they would appear to look like players. 
    I think this may be to ambitious for the games system, though. 
    The other avenue, generic Rogue Ninja mobs, random names. Essentially like our Bandits we have currently. 

    I think two of these NPC's spawned at once should be the limit. Possibly three. 
    Able to spawn between any of the Danger Zone maps. (Not the ones protected or near Villages).

    Make these mobs somewhat strong. I think lower level players should be able to have a chance to kill one solo. Probably about as strong as 20 arc boss. 
    It would be cool to see them with random Mastery skills per the random player-like Rogue NPC idea, but again I understand we may not be there yet. 
    Giving them a normal skillset will work just as well. 

    Each mob will have a 10 Ryo bounty. 
    Each mob will count as 1 player kill, for kill missions. 

    I'm not sure best options for spawn time, but I think if they had a timer similar to boss timer, 20 minute timer might be best. 

    I think this addition will help bring more activity to Danger Zones. Players will try to search out these mobs to help with their kill missions, leading to more players in the Danger Zones, which I think is best for everyone. 

    Currently getting the Waging War or Bounty Hunting missions as a daily mission can create frustrating result when there are no players within the Danger Zone, bringing players to feel as if the game is empty. Obviously there are down town hours within this game and this idea will help the players playing within those down time hours continue with their kill missions without feeling helpless. 

    EDIT 8/25/2022:
    There has been no feedback for this idea from staff, and Danger Zone activity is worse than ever.
    With the change to daily missions being bumped up to 4, with more chances at receiving kill missions, Danger Zone activity should be a focus point.
    Sadly the fishing update, while enjoyable and very well done, has no benefit for fishing in Danger Zones-- this has lead to even less players focusing on Danger Zone activity.

    "Some things take more time to consider fully the implications then others" - @Ueda on 6/16/2022, in reference to requesting feedback for this post.

    With only two Villages existing right now, and one of those two having a fishing spot in the middle of their Village(Leaf), can we not get some feedback on bringing engagement back to Danger Zones? A large portion of missions revolve around Danger Zone activity.

    EDIT 11/14/2022:

    I will pay money to see this worked on. Please reach out to me @Ueda I think we could work something out.
    EDIT 4/7/2023: 

    Situation has changed with the recent checkpoint spawn system. 
    While I think the new checkpoint spawn system is a good addition, theres been a small oversight thats leading to the continuation of low Danger Zone activity-- specifically from the largest faction in Nin, the Leaf Village. 

     With no set end game or end game progression, the only progression that exists in Nin is leveling. Finish one character, move onto the next. As talked about, the biggest form of leveling progression comes in kill missions. With the new checkpoint spawn system Leaf Ninja are parking alt characters in the neighboring Tanzaku district for kill missions, all of a 60 second walk from Leaf. While Nin Online has been more active over the last few months, and with the fixes to the server stability bringing even more people back, its still a struggle finding Ninja in Danger Zones for kill missions. 
    Players are still being incentivized to not play in Danger Zone and game the systems. 

    Please let us discuss options to correct this or feedback on this idea. Thank you


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    Danger Zone Raid Points

    Somewhat self explanatory. 
    Currently there’s four villages that hold Raid Points: Leaf, Mist, Sand, Takumi.
    Total of 20% can be earned from taking all Raid Points(use to be 21%).
    I’d like to see this raised up to 24% with the addition of four new Raid Points that can spawn anywhere in the Danger Zones/War Zones in an attempt to help promote more Danger Zone activity. 
    With having them rotate through the Danger Zone maps this will create content where Ninja will have to hunt these down, spending time in the Danger Zones, to find them(it’s possible they could be hard to find). 

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    Reworking Sand's impenetrable gate for better and more enjoyable defenses!

    Hey guys! I've no introduction, so to make this quick: I'm to put my idea for a Sand gate rework out there and possibly discuss of the specifics with everyone that deems this post worthy of their time. Feel free to upvote, give your input or just outright state the obvious. Any attention at all is appreciated.

    As you all know, Sand's gate has been the subject of many heated discussions throughout the years due to it's unfair design giving an incredible advantage to whoever is holding it. Numerous people have tried to convince Rory to change it, some alledgedly even tried to pay to make it happen. So here I am, doing exactly that.

    This is my idea for a rework for Sand GD/Gate. Since mapswitching into Sand during raid time leads to your character spawning into a narrow death corridor that is most of the time fully trapped and guarded by sometimes tens of enemy players, all the while having to sit through a loading time of sometimes up to fifteen seconds, this means that some players can't even make it fast enough to survive the initial waves of projectiles thrown at them as soon as they step foot inside. What I'm suggesting is the following:

    Above is the modified GD. The gate has been cut and replaced by desert tiles and the mapswitch is now wider. Rock formations and vegetation could be placed around the GD at the bottom to make it look less empty.

    In order for the corridor to not be a mapswitch anymore, the edge of the map would be extended like this but also on the sides (like Leaf gate) to give some leeway to invading forces so no party can mapswitch cheese anymore. Giving them time to prep and push without the need for loading screen would make for a more enjoyable raiding experience overall and new tactics to be made. It's important to note that for this design to work effectively, the mapswitch should be protected from traps. As Sirch pointed out on Discord, it might even be a good idea to widen the tunnel a little to make it so one projectile can't cover it all at once, because there is going to be a lot of jutsu spam in that area once an invading force starts pushing.

    This is all I had for now. Feel free to comment and whatnot, as mentioned above. If I come up with anything else, I will be posting it in the replies. Thank you for reading.

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    Everyone Should Have All Three Passives No Matter What Village

    Everyone should be able to charge their chakra on water. Everyone is a ninja that should be able to use the cloak jutsu w/o any trouble. Everyone should have a chance to get up and escape / and or be able to fight again. Passives were a terrible idea with the way they were implemented but I believe with my suggestion; if everyone has all three passives, it should indirectly fix the problem. We already have hidden jutsu for each village and don't need anything steering from the Naruto lore in a way it doesn't make sense. 

    The only people that will have an issue with this suggestion should be the high ping/low fps players who struggle to secure a kill w/o a (solution: teammate).

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    Send people back to their village after a certain amount of time offline.

    People have been abusing alt characters to get rid of the other villages' raid points and after years it got to the point that each time Sand goes out to get the other village's points, there will be multiple people that make use that we are not defending the village and just use their alts to get the raid points and just log back out. (Those who are abusing it know who they are and i don't even need to mention who)
    This needs to change.
    I suggest that after a certain amount of time, characters that are offline should be sent back to the village. This would stop people from abusing that and actually force people to walk all the way back and be worth defending and attacking the raid points the way people are supposed to.

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    RP Influence

    I think it would be interesting, with a simple factor (only being able to take the chunin exam who had all the rps done), with that it would influence the people to do the rp missions, many of us want to do it, but we don't have a team, another thing that It would be interesting that, if the ninja became a missing nin, he would lose his position, and when he was forgiven, he would return to genin, with that the people would think twice before becoming a missing nin, my humble opinion  

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    Monthly RP Event "The Threat"

    I've been enjoying the RP parts of the game so far, and the few events that I've taken part of.
    I'd like to suggest an event idea, inspired from the anime, the event"the threat", would be a monthly occasion, where either a gamemaster or an npc , starts attacking the 3 hidden villages, with no counter play for a few hours.
    After the carnage, the boss (threat) spawns in one of the warzones, with a huge health-bar. The objective is either the villages make a united force (like the ninja war vs Madara)  and fight the threat. Or if a certain village is feeling confident enough, it can fight off the competition and take it head on.
    This will give the game new politics aspect to be considered besides the raids and personal beefs.
    The rewards, if the ninja are successful at defeating the threat, all participants get some (XP, ryo or coupon) .
    The grand prize, the village that dealt most dmg get a bonus for a couple of hours.
    1- blessing price reduced from the monk (7k instead of 10k ryo).
    2- trophy for the village.
    3- drop rate increase +5% or something.
    4- titles.
    The event would be great chance for people to meet each other, either as allies or enemies, bring out their teamwork, coordination and leadership skills, fight a raid boss RPG like, and have something new to look up for and  show off the rewards.
    Hope you like the idea! 

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    Youthful Sunset (Youthful Spring Jutsu Evolution)

    The Power of Youth Explodes!
    Push beyond your limits to protect those important to you! This technique releases the inner gates to increase the users' strength beyond their limits at the risk of injury. After mastering the Youthful Spring technique there will be a method to become even stronger that will allow you to evolve your taijutsu. Seismic Dash turns into Evening Dash. Breaking Kick becomes Midnight Kick and Whirlwind Kick becomes Violent Strength Whirlwind. However with these evolutions, your attacks come with a hefty price. 
    In order for this to work, the following suggestions must take place.
    Remove AGI damage increase from Youthful Spring, keeping the attack speed increase and movement speed increase. Remove Speed Mirage from Youthful Spring Level 3 Increase Youthful Spring duration from 12s to 20s across all ranks With these changes to the default Youthful Spring I believe it will allow for the crazy gameplay that Youthful Sunset would introduce. With Youthful Sunset you will evolve your base taijutsu moves to stronger versions that have a health cost instead of a chakra cost. After using Youthful Spring you will be able to press the ability again to initiate the new technique. Youthful Sunset will be uninterruptible and will root the player in place. This means that the user will be stuck in place for 2 seconds of cast time. This will then cleanse all debuffs (silence/poison/burn/bleed) and buffs (heals/scalpel/pressure point) It will then apply a new silence that disables all ninjutsu but allows for the evolved versions of non-hidden taijutsu techniques. With this new buff, Youthful Sunset will apply Strain to your character. a DoT for 30 HP every 3 seconds. The duration of the buff will be 60 seconds. This means that over the course of the duration you will have taken 600 damage. The jutsu however can be canceled, removing the DoT and Silence. 

    These are the evolutions of the Jutsu (and the base form of morning peacock that should be a nerfed version of morning peacock) Since there has been a recent change to swords that removed knockback and instead interrupted, I figured the pre-evolution versions of these moves would all lose their knockbacks and instead receive interrupts. Then the evolved versions would receive the knockbacks. In terms of damage, these all should remain the same however instead of a chakra cost have a 2x health cost. So in the case of Seismic Dash, the evolved version would be 40 HP. Breaking kick would cost 60 HP and so on.
    The main problem with Taijutsu right now is that it relies on external masteries to be effective. Chakra Scalpel, Pressure Point and other jutsu from the leaf hidden mastery are what ends up pushing Taijutsu to the extreme ends of PVP. With the introduction of Youthful Sunset we should see a decrease in Chakra Scalpel hybrids. Unfortunately Med is the one of the only masteries that works with pure AGI tai, so it's not a full solution to the problem, but it adds a level of depth to taijutsu that doesn't currently exist. This will be a high-risk technique that will deal massive damage to the user. While this initial suggestion might make the techniques feel strong, there could be a mountain of changes to balance it with the pace of high level int masteries, such as a BI like debuff for another 60 seconds after Youthful Sunset has been turned off. These kinds of things would make for an interesting aspect to taijutsu I believe.
    Kamen Rider

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    An arc where people from all the villages come together to train in pvp. It would have to be something with "No Zone" and only pvp inside "Arenas" (can be 1v1, 2v2, 3v3) with an entrance similar to Leaf's CE arena, where you interact with it and enter

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    MAP EXPANSION SUGGESTION!!!!!! Put a Path on the Left from Tanzaku Leading into Sand; like a Second CF and Add More BS Villages like Tanzaku/Takumi/Totori/Asoki with Housing Options

    Something that is constantly brought up is that Sand should have a second entrance. Well, in the past me and a few players have discussed that a possible second entrance could be from Tanzaku down, around to the west and carefully around the snow wolf map leading all the way down past the sand village into their training ground from the left. We think that this could be a great fit because both Tanzaku and the Sand Village are directly on the Western sides of the map, and even though Snow Wolves is there; Snow Wolves does appear to be on a mountain top so perhaps this can be the forest underneath that leads into the Sand Village like seen in the anime instead of Chakra Forest. 

    Even if the lore isn't correct, I have a different incentive for requesting this path to be added in. The reasons altogether are to create a new pathway into and out of Sand, and I want the GMs to create new tiny villages where people can have houses that they can spawn into and even mini hospitals that are village and missing wide. A gameplay mechanic that I've noticed Primal taking advantage of is being apart of a village and being able to spawn in other areas just like a rogue would be able to, which is similar to something that I have suggested in the past. His kill count is unreal. I think that players being able to take advantage of multiple spawn locations is great but we haven't really been able to reach the full potential of it yet. Players playing in villages are extremely limited in this capacity. If Primal is the only player taking advantage of a limited mechanic, we should all be able to. 

    Based on my analysis of Primal's gameplay, I have come to the conclusion that new maps, paths and housing in those new areas can re-develop danger zone activity in a positive and beneficial way. If players want to play in the Leaf Village but spawn over in Asoki Port, well they can't because Primal has two houses there and one person has the third. I don't think that Asoki Port should have a housing district, but I think that there at least should be multiple houses in Totori that are available too, and not just three or four, but maybe five. Perhaps a small little hut on one of the sea maps on a tiny little island? Let's get innovative here! If we add a new path from Tanzaku to Sand, we can add a couple tiny areas here and there that have housing options too! Maybe we can have someone who owns and spawns on the Mist Village boat? Captain of the Ship 6 month term? Sorta kidding but not really. 

    The more houses that we have in different locations; the more locations that we have, the more players we will have running back and forth to pick up missions and entering the danger zones. Even if the player base is small, people still have alts. The more alts you have the more incentive you have to stay logged in and do missions; thus the more incentive you have to enter the danger zones, thus the more reason to have more houses; especially if housing in certain areas is overcrowded to the point of no hope for weeks. There was a point in time where I was playing in Leaf and there were so many players that all of the houses were taken in the housing district that I had to find a house in a random location; and I was lucky that Tanzaku existed otherwise I was gonna have to find somewhere else to play or just stay homeless. 

    Let's not forget, people who play in Mist are the ones who are at the most disadvantage because of this feature and lack of housing. If there were more locations that players were able to maintain access to in regards to housing on both the mainland and in the Mist Village area, and players in all villages were able to spawn in those locations, players in the Mist Village would be able to take advantage of housing on the mainland and players in the mainland would be able to take advantage of housing in the Mist Village and overall I think that's a win win for everyone.

    The idea is to create more activity overall, so if you're against Nin activity you're probably against this idea. I'm welcome to it being altered. 

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    I know lowbie could have chance to enjoy eventos too, but fighting against high lvls is not Fun for the lowbies and is not Fun for who want to play the event, It disturb the events to have lowbies fighting with and against high lvls, we Just lose or even quit the event because It is Just a waste of time and waste of the whole event that we were waitting the whole day...
    Just make events with lvl requirements to join
    1 or 2 daily events for lvl 49 and bellow
    And 3 or 4 events for lvl 50+
    A simple adjustment to make everyone enjoy the event properly, you dont know How Sad is wait the whole day for the event and day after day fall into a lowbies team, It is like ure banned from events for no reason, u Just cant enjoy It. 

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    Hybrid rework.

    Hybrids have been in a zone where it never was worth the stat loss and cost. Masteries dont really blend together unless they share the same stat requirement/damage scaling stat. For those reasons, hybrid masteries pay an unrealistic price for wanting to mix (lets say) Weapon master Kenjutsu path and Fire. For my part, I always wanted to be that cool Samurai-ish ninja who swings a fire sword. To be more clear, I dont want to be a STR/Int, but a STR WM fire. See it more as how demon slayers from Demon Slayer work. They are kenjutsu specialists who uses their talents and training into making fire/water/lighting/beast mode/ etc from their breathing/movements. Its not them throwing justus. A bit like Morning Peackock from Gai where the punches friction makes fire. Its a kenjutsu path. (I will use my masteries as an exemple a lot on this thread because thats the one i experienced.) 

    As I experienced  many WM Fire builds over the years, I have come to the conclusion that being hybrid is mathematically incorrect. You have to to add more stats into damage stats because you have 2 different stat requirements to fill. This is leading to a major Health point loss and chakra problems. You lose the access to the good swords and you cant deal an acceptable DPS with both masteries. They just dont blend together at all.
    A solo WM or solo Tai will do far more better in 1V1s than an hybrid elee would and the hybrid wont do MUCH better in a team fight anyways. There are players like Yamikami and korva who brags on how being hybrid is broken but both wont play their Str light WM and are currently playing whats meta.
    I dislike the fact that going for more than 1 mastery as a Specialist like WM or Tai can just make your build worst. Youre supposed to become significantly stronger at lvl 50. 
    In the leaf village, if you want to go for a second mastery as a tai or WM, you should go WM/GF and Tai chakra medic. Thats it, Others wont blend.

    Doing all this sounds like lots of work/art and it may even sound like advanced. So here is MY ''simple'' and doable idea. Note that the best idea cannot come from 1 individual. This is why I am asking you guys to listen to my idea and then comment on why it would work or how it would not work. Give your point of view! Add your own idea to mine. Modify my idea into something that you think is better etc etc.
    To potential disclamers, I am fully aware that this would buff highly specialist masteries. Doing that would indirectly nerf Int masteries. I already know that this is a big con to my vision. Those change would need new rebalancing but i think the game could become more healthy.
    My idea to make specialist masteries blend with int masteries is to simply give them something to blend. To have their second mastery identity accessible through their initial stat requ while trying to respect the fact they are not int users. Each elemental masteries would have 3 jutsus that blend with each 3 specialist masteries. (1 for each) What that mean is that those jutsus would require to have either their int requirement or its counter part stat requ to be fulfilled in order to gain access to it. Heres what i mean.

    - Kenjutsu deep sea path. Water shark = Int requ or Str requ. (100 str) scales with STR if STR requ obtained.
     This gives a fancy teamfihgt attack to WMs aswell as a ''zabuza/kisame'' kind of WM attack. Since its not instant, It wont buff WM 1v1 capacity  but will greatly buff their teamfight kit. The aim here is to make WM Water better in large scale fights. 
    - Taijutsu Water body path. Water sub = Int requ or Agi requ. (120 agi)
     This was an ''easy'' one. Tai cannot use subs for cheesy hight damage outputs after a warp. Giving them an extra sub as full tai isnt as game breaking as another mastery would capitalize on. Also, giving them that extra sub would give them a fitting Tai Water move.
    - Medic Water threatement path. Water prison = Int requ or chakra requ. (120 chak) My aim for chakra medics is to give them the supportive jutsu version of the elemental masteries. Water prison isnt as much of a dps move while it can achieve great supportive ends with the snare. It also makes a flashy water style for a medic. (Damage does not scale with chakra)

    - Kenjutsu flowing earth path. Mud river = Int requ or Str requ. (100 str)
     I think that Mud river represent a good earth move and its slowing effect can give a huge advantage to someone who is based on melees. Its simple but worth it. I like it.
     - Taijutsu hardening stone path. Earthwall = Int requ or Agi requ (60 Agi)
     When i think about an earth user, I think about a badass jauggernaut that would tank a fire dragon without flinching. Earthwall is a very unique and cool ability. It is not a sub but it can stop any projectiles.  This could help tai's kit in a way no other jutsus/masteries could and it fits MY vision of what a Tai Earth should be.
    - Medical jail Therapist. Earth prison = Int requ or chakra requ. (150 chak)  Doesnt scale with chakra. 
    This would significantly change the meta because this is the best teamfight move in game. I think that chakra pool matches the traps Earth prison makes. The best supportive move for the support mastery.
    -Kenjutsu thunder clap path. Lightning feast = Int requ or Str requ. (80/85 str) . It was hard to find a good fitting jutsu for WM lightning because no matter the choice of the jutsu, if its not Cutter, Wms will invest in the int to obtain it. I did not feel like a free cutter was a ''sain'' option for weapon masters either. So giving Weapon masters the jutsu after cutter gives them a another homing concidering they will go for cutter. A mix of risky, crescent, cutter and feast. Sounds like a Homing festival.
    -Taijutsu static flash path. Lightning cutter = Int requ or agi requ. (100 agi) I think that tai being able to cutter sounds ''epic''. Its not as strong as let say WM spaming crescent and cutter or 2 element into vomiting every jutsus they have. Them having this move will force players to keep their sub for this particular action.  It would give them the coolest way to utilise their agi cast time reduction and give them a lightning release move that rely on extreme speed. Its a perfect match.
    -Medic defibrillator path. Lightning current = As I follow my idea that chakra medics should have supportive moves, current seemed to fit that role the best. Its a good cancel cast and RP wise it should require lots of chakra to envelop yourself into lightning chakra nature. I hesitated with Lightning pilars but the jutsu is so flashy that my choice stopped at current

    - Kenjutsu raging flame path. = Fire Dragon = int requ or Str requ. (110/120 str) Scale with Str if Str requ is obtained. 
    Fire is mostly about damage and cast times. So its harder to find the good jutsu for the good specialisation. I hesitated in giving WM fire the great fire ball but it would look very similar to my WM water idea (shark) without it being as flashy.  Fire dragon is a very stylish move and most importantly, is different from that 3 tile long range pierce move. Dragon could boost up WMs crescent combos in such a fancy way that it might be me being BIASED. Dont be scared to call me out and ill do the walk of shame. :( 
    - Taijutsu burning sun path. =  Great fireball. = Int requ or Agi requ. (100 agi) Scale with Agi if agi requ is obtained.
    Taijutsu could have been given a agi scaling fire bullets. Flicker CC into phoenix fire bullets would have been very strong, but I felt like it wasnt flashy enough. Also, this jutsu int requ and lvl make it very accessible anyways. I chosed to go for a path Taijutsu hybrids never explored before... teamfight oriented  Taijutsu hybrid. Cast time reduction into an agi scaling great fireball would be deadly in large scale fights but not so much in 1V1 where they are shining at.

    - Medical cauterization by fire path. = Fire wall. Int requ or Chakra requ. (80 chakra) scales with chakra.
    Firewall is a very defensive damage type of jutsu. It fits the support role and the Fire type nature very well. Medics could use firewall to zone out enemies, making their job easier. Reviving allies easier by controling access, bloking small areas etc.

    Kenjutsu piercing winds path. = Hurricane blade. Int requ or Str requ. (100 str) Scales with Str if Str requ is obtained.
    Its a very ''Yasuo'' type of move but i feel that its very fitting. Its a fancy wind move, Its good, its not useless and represent well what a WM wind should be, Yasuo.

    - Taijutsu wind beast path. Wind claw Int requ or agi requ. (100 to120 agi) Scale with agi if agi requ obtained.
    Im mean..the name sounds like what a monk would say after a spacial move. Its a good Tai wind move that fits the purpose of hybrids. Its a good CC and tai could use the VERY LONG dot map lock it has. 

    - Medical air breathing path. = Drilling air bullet. Int requ or chakra requ.  Scales with chakra if chakra requ is obtained.
    Wind had no supportive moves so it was hard to find a good move. Vaccum cast time and range didnt fit the medic kit at all, claw and hurricane were taken, other jutsus were lower lvl jutsus. Drilling air bullets CC and it would make the only real offensive support med hybrid jutsu.

    Thank you for those who fully read this. I know it was a big essay so give me you opinion! :P

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    Select withdraw amount at Bounty Station

    Would be nice to have an option to select the amount you wanna collect from the bounty station, since the bounty hunt mission gets repeated on the same day (3 time in row ), but asking for 20/30 ryo only.  So having the option to choose how much i can withdraw would be huge help!!

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    Drop Chance blessing

    Hello ! 
    as we all know the game has pretty low drop rate for the majority of items, which makes it a bit frustrating sometimes especially for gathering missions. the only chance there's at the moment is during village raids, that grants both exp & drop chance bonus.
    could be added to the monk shop for double price (20k ryo).

    i think having a world blessing like the exp one, but for the drops would be nice to have. ofc there should be some limitations to avoid abuse of it.

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    The game should have a limiter per village + queue, the kages in case they need "manpower" should disown the afk to maintain the village. It is impossible to compete with a 3x larger composition.

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    Shift button keybinds

    this would allow players to use shift and another button to use abilities.
    Cash Tokumei

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    Academy Theory Lesson & Mastery selection

    The current "Theory lesson" of the academy isn't more than a blackscreen with a ( pretty long ) wall of text, which, at the end of the day, isn't appealing for anyone. 
    Masteries and character builds are 90% of the game and , since we do not have a mastery reset scroll, the decision of what mastery you'll pick is extremely important.
    This is how the current Theory lesson + masteries "tutorial" looks like

    How about we do like most Mmos, and play short videos of how every mastery works? 
    This will, not only do a better job at explaining how masteries work , but also hype new players way more, since they're able to see the kit & animations in action.

    Adding the little graph will also help players to choose wisely, since starting with a mastery that is bad at grinding early-on, will most likely end up with the player leaving the game.

    thats it, xo

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    Pre-Level 10 rewards

    Give the players a Kunai and Fuuma Wind Shuriken the moment they graduate from the academy.

    Every single Mmorpg out there gives the player either a weapon or a basic spell when they first create their character. Nin's early levels are extremely grindy, and having to punch all the way until level 10 just to use your FIRST ability, just doesn't feel good.

    Either give both after academy, or reward the kunai after graduating ( Lvl 5 ) and Fuuma after reaching Level 8. This will make it smooth to transition from close combat > jutsu > first mastery jutsu

    No coding involved and would make it so new players stop ragequiting before lvl 10
    Thats it, xo

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    Lower 2nd mastery level req. to 40

    Lower down the level required to reach your second mastery to 40.

    This way the progression on the game would more sense, following the currently "rule" of 5 levels to reach a progression that currently take place until level 35 which then at the same time levels get harder to come by, your progression is halted until level 50. why? idk.
    Choosing your second mastery at 40 its just going to feel natural and you would still have your "power" limited by status and jutsus slots (which also comes by 5 levels).

    At 40 you still have only 13 jutsus slots.
    hypothetically, lets say you have: Substitution, Cloak, Flicker, Flash Flicker, a Summon and your 6 jutsus from first mastery, thats 11 jutsus and you would only have 2 slots empty. This means that at the same time you get your 2nd mastery, it is still going to be a fraction of its power (2-3 jutsus out of 6) and levels 50 and 60 are still going to hold their value with their jutsus slots and status points.

    + More value in lowbies (terms of village power since they would be more menacing to higher levels, especially the one's that develop a pvp talent early)
    + Game interest, the 35->50 stretch can be kinda demotivating.
    + People would start thinking in practicing pvp'ing earlier. (a common opinion is that the game trully starts at 50)
    + 40 is neither easy nor hard to reach, but is far from a competitive stand point, this makes me believe that people will not be satisfied and will continue to level thinking about the progression that still ahead.
    + We may end up having more veterans and other brave players doing some crazy new/off meta mastery combos