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Alright so as a user, I found it quite frustrating the first few minutes trying to figure things out whilst admittedly spamming the chat to get someone to notice me. Once you delve in, sometimes you just forget there are others around you. Understandable. The game is a work of art. I will thus, post a few quick tips to getting around the game, thus far, that I have discovered, and hopefully, others will post their quick tips to navigating around the world of Nin Online.



- Utilize either W,A,S,D or the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to move your character.


Equipping Items in Inventory:

- Double-Click on the specific item to equip it onto your character


Picking up items:

- Stand on top of said item and tap the Spacebar to pick up items.


Dropping Items:

- Right-Click items within your inventory to drop them.



- Hold down Shift + Direction keys to run in the game.



- The Ctrl key commands your character to attack. Hold it down for continuous attack.


Interaction (NPC's):

- The Ctrl key also enables interaction in the game.



- Hit the Enter/Return key to enable chat input. Hit the same key again to send your message to those within proximity. 

Note: After sending your message with Enter/Return, the focus it automatically reassigned to the map ;)


Global Chat:

- Enter "/g" within the left section of the chat to speak to the world.



- Enter a player's name in the left section of the chat to direct your chat message specifically to them.


Selling (Courtesy of S00N):

- Since the selling system is currently unavailable, there is currently no way to go about this.



- Whilst targeting the Player you wish to trade with, enter /trade within the chat box to initialize trading.


Character Rotation (Courtesy of Ju-Hee):

- Hit the Home key to face North

- The End key to face South...

- The Delete key to face West..

- And the Page Down key to face East!

Note: Use these to get into those sweet spots and pretend you can actually sit on the swing near the Konoha Academy training grounds :D.



Tip: Remember to pick up items dropped no matter how meaningless as they could be sold for Ryo (Selling System - Currently not in...) to purchase better items.




Important Security Tip: 

- Basically, keep your game files to yourself. Follow link above for more information...




Please post further tips to help players get around easier until an official guide is crafted. Thanks.

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very helpful to those who are still wondering ^_^


i guess @Ryoshi will contact you to merge his topic and post all the chat options and the interactions between players

just wanted to add/ask about one thing on that : if i'm not mistaken, the /trade option works only if players are next to each other (not sure, but if this is true, you should add it so that people don't say "why this ain't working???!!!"

anyway, posted it here, not on the other topic...

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