The Ninja Academy Event Series

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The Ninja Academy Event Series


Get ready for a series of events coming your way over the next few weeks! I’ll be experimenting with teams, inspired by the classic Chunin Exams experience. To participate in these events, you must be open to being randomly assigned to a team!


Each team will consist of:

3 Genins
1 Chunin/Special Jonin
There will also be platoons led by 1 Jonin. Jonins without a team placement may be assigned to a team or designated as helpers throughout the events.

This event is open only to players from the Leaf, Sand, and Mist villages. I'll be hosting these events separately for each village. As we move forward, we'll gradually transition into some final joint events to conclude. (There will be other events for Rogues.)

If you’d like to participate, please message me either in-game, on Discord (Deathmall), or via the Nin Online forum with the following information:

Submission Deadline: 7/13/2024
Time zone:
Other details (optional but highly recommended): Interests, combat style, and a brief introduction.


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The Ninja Academy Event Introduction


Hey everyone,

I'm excited to announce that the Ninja Academy Event introduction is scheduled for July 27th at 1:00 PM EST. For those who have applied to the Ninja Academy Event series, please let me know if you are unable to attend.

For those who haven't applied yet but would like to, you're in luck! Due to increased interest, I will still be accepting applications until July 26th.

During the introduction event, I will be assigning ninjas to their teams based on the submitted applications. There will be time for teams to meet and familiarize themselves with the other ninjas participating in this event series. I will also assist in ensuring that teams set up communication channels among themselves, as this will be crucial for the events in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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