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hello everyone ! today i'd like to share with you the best zones for leveling as a new player, places to grind mobs safely and away from all those lurking around new player zones. These places are also great spots to upgrade your Jutsus. I've discovered these maps while wandering around out of cheer curiosity, and was surprised how empty they were and no one knew about them. (keep in mind these are all safe zones)

so without further due let's get started!!!

I - Leaf

 starting with leaf, a known hunting ground for new players, and the most targeted. just go ahead and open your map, should see these: 

Leaf Safe Zone 

At Leaf's village summit (the stairs near the academy) you'll find access to two maps filled with local mobs : larva, spider & wolfs. just head to the right of the temple and you'll find the road.

Leaf Village Summit

  just follow the stairs and go right from here ! you'll reach these two maps mountain side & mountain peak


Mountain SideMountain Peak


II - Sand 

sand is pretty safe from what i've seen, since its always guarded with high lvl ninja. but they too have hidden zones, way behind their village , (south of the Kage's office). Opening your map you should look for these 3 zones.

Sand village safe zones 

Sand village southern entrance, is the place you're looking for, its the head of the fork, leading to Crestfallen Tree & Howlling Canyon. These two map are also filled with local mobs: larva, scorpions & cayotes.


Crestfallen TreeHowling Canyon


III - Mist 

lastly we have mist , which they don't really need to worry about being attacked at early lvl thanks to their remote location. but just to be extra safe, you'll find a safe heaven to the right of the Kage's office.  Opening your map you should look for these 3 zones:

Mist safe zone

leaving the mist village through the eastern Entrance, the head of the fork again, leads to two zones Silky cater up north & the windy pond to the east. These two map are also filled with local mobs: larva , ants , dragonflies & foxes.

Silky CarterWindy pond


Hope this guide is helpful, make sure to help all your fellow shinobi out there.

be safe and happy gaming !

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