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Lightning Buff(Feast and Senbon)




I would like to talk about Lightning today with the community and staff.
It's a great Team Fight mastery and goes well combined with other masteries too except few. But sometimes it falls greatly beneath other masteries in terms of 1v1 potential, my first suggestion is a small buff to it's 1v1 potential just by a bit.

Here is it's first lightning jutsu and the buff I would like to suggest:


I would like to suggest that after it reaches level 3, it should be able to evolve and instead the three small senbons going in the same direction, they will separate and goes in three directions 89342d49c5af7d67536955d37d253018.png.8a4a00ae82a7b86725d13c642ddd4b4a.png like this.

My second suggestion is it's potential in Team Fights, I believe that Feast can bring it to a further above level:


For Team Fights:

Right now Feast is a budget WP(Water Prison) without snare and shorter range, it also leaves you vulnerable to cancels or free DMG, if the state of it is going to remain the same, I suggest that instead of hitting a single target, it can hit all the targets within it's range but the more people it hits the less it's DMG becomes, so forexample if it hits one person within range it deals the DMG it normally does but as more targets gets in range, the DMG starts getting lower and the lowest it can go is equal to that of GEP.

For 1v1:

If we talk about how it can become good in 1v1s then instead of it's current state now it can work like the Vacuum Sphere(before the nerf)...like a barrage of lightning, forexample the lightning will fall on you thrice with 1/3rd of the total DMG it does now in one hit, so if all three of the lightning bolts lands it will equal to the total DMG Feast does now in one hit. You can either run out of range or cancel it but instead of it being canceled from the start doing no DMG, you will at least be able to deal some DMG after this change.(The Casting time is removed.)

Please feel free to add your own feedback!


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Sorry while these sound like fun suggestions, we don't have the features required to make these changes atm. So these are pretty big suggestions.
We'll consider it, but it might take longer to implement such things than simple balance changes.

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